Saturday, March 22, 2014

Former Provost of Nairn Nigel Graham leafleting for Better Together outside the Courthouse Nairn - Saturday 22/03/14

Former Provost of Nairn Nigel Graham (centre of picture) was out on the High Street today leafleting for the Better Together campaign. He spoke to the Gurn, click the white arrow below to hear what he said. 


Anonymous said...

Typical response from the bitter together campaign.. Can not give any genuine legitimate reasons to stay part of the uk, overseen by a Westminster government the people on Scotland didn't elect.
There is far more Scotland has to offer then just the oil which is barley half used.
George Osborne has faced calls to reverse his Oil Exploration Tax today – after more industry experts highlighted the negative impact on the North Sea from the Chancellor’s latest tax bombshell. Only the people of Scotland has Scotland's best interested at heart, not a tory government that is just using Scotland.

Anonymous said...

Neither side give legitimate reasons why we should go with them.
Stay the way we are -we know what we've got, not great but we know.
Leaving the UK feels very insecure for a lot of folk, we can't change our mind in a year or two and ask to be taken back. I never liked begging anyway.
But we need to know absolute facts, not relying on Oil.etc.
Not being talked down to by Westminster either.
I m still off the over riding feeling that getting out of Europe is the most important thing to do, we can t go on letting them tell us what we can and can't do.
Who will give us REAL independence.?

Anonymous said...

We have a food bank in Nairn, is that an indication of us being 'Better Together'