Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spate of thefts in Nairn of insecure property during February - police call for residents to be more security conscious

Sgt Graeme Erskine was present at the River Community Council meeting last night in the URC hall and he told the meeting that he and his colleagues were engaged in investigating a number of miscellaneous thefts (including shoplifting) that took place during the course of February. 
He detailed the following thefts of insecure property: “Alcohol from grocers or licensed premises (5 reports), theft of a rucksack and contents from an insecure car, theft of riding boots from a doorstep, theft of timber from a back garden, theft of cash from a float in a shop, theft of coins and keys from an insecure car, two thefts of sat-navs from an insecure car, theft of a laptop from an insecure car, theft of medication and cash from a house, a pedal-cycle from a garden and a mobile phone from a pocket.”

Sergeant Erskine continued: “ A lot of these thefts could have been avoided I think if the owners of property had just been a bit more security conscious. That’s really the message I’ve got.”  
In relation to the opportunist thefts that had taken place in the Lochloy area he went on to add that two suspects had been seen on a private CCTV system going from car to car looking to see what property they could steal, this was overnight Saturday the 8th and Sunday the 9th of February. Investigations are ongoing. 

There we have it Gurnites, obviously a few more elementary precautions could reduce the crime rate in the area. 

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