Monday, March 24, 2014

Highland Challenge (Camera Club) Competition held on Saturday past at Nairn Community Centre

Nairn Camera Club hosted the annual Highlands & Islands region camera club photographic competition on Saturday 22nd March 2014 at Nairn Community Centre.
Over 150 camera club members from across the region were welcomed by Nairn Lord Lieutenant Ewen Brodie and Nairn Camera Club President Dave Freeman.
This year’s event was supported by some key local organisations, including Highland Council and Nairn Rotary Club.

A presentation from Ian Cameron on scouting and preparation for landscape photography was followed by a photographic history of Nairn’s Fishertown presented by local historian Alan Barron.

Allan Adams from Elgin, who concentrates on wildlife and nature photography in Moray, judged 80 photographs from 8 different clubs. 
The top shot of this year’s competition was a portrait titled Molly by Becci Taylor from Isleburgh Camera Club.
The top image from Nairn Camera Club was by Iain Sutherland who won 3rd place in the Digital Colour category.

The overall top club of 2014 was won by Dingwall Camera Club. Images of the event are available here. 


Pentax Pete said...

As a keen camera buff I would have loved to have visited the event held in the community centre was it by invitation only? as I did not see any posters in the shops or any adverts in the local press.

Anonymous said...

Pentax Pete - exactly my own thoughts. This sounds like a missed opportunity.

Graisg said...

Thanks anon - but "a reliable source" cannot come from an an anonymous one :-)