Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Murd's views on Nairn South - a heretic or " the voice of common sense and reason" ?

Murd has submitted to the Gurn a copy of his letter which also appears today in a local weekly newspaper based in the town centre. The contents of Murd's missive certainly go against the grain as expressed by the town’s three community councils and others when it comes to the Nairn South Planning application. As you can see from the tweet below the letter however, it has found favour in at least one influential direction.


- Is it official? Am I no longer part of Nairn or is it just anyone who does not agree with the wishes of  a “predominant faction” who are exempt from Nairn affairs?
   Alastair Noble said at last week’s Suburban and West community council meeting that the whole of Nairn does not want Nairn South.
Well let me tell you, I am not alone in wanting houses built for the young families in Nairn  -  and not having the prospect of moving to Tornagrain or anywhere else as an option for where people, especially the young can live. 
    To use the anti-Nairn South group’s own expression: “Nairn is our toon”. 
   Being born in Nairn, I am conscious of the fact that families want to stay here but many do not have the financial resources that have enabled some of the protesters to live in Nairn. 
   I realise that we all want the best for Nairn but perhaps some housing built soon on Nairn South would help some of our young people to find a home in “their toon”. 
   One of the biggest complaints about Nairn South is access. Well as far as that goes there could be another way if the level crossing at Lochdhu was brought back into use. 
   I have suggested this in the past and it was dropped like a hot potato and was told that we don’t want it. 
  At meetings I will continue to put my thoughts forward as we are all entitled to let our thoughts be known and not just conform to what the “usual suspects” may think is right for the town. 
   Housing is needed in Nairn. If not Nairn South, again I ask tell me where? It would be NICE to have suggestions please.

Yours etc.