Monday, March 10, 2014

Looking West for fresh ideas?

A letter to the Gurn from Morag Smith

Having read the High Street debate with interest and discussing this with my sister who lives in Oban. She told me about how Oban is trying to fight back and keep its High Street via bid4Oban.  

Here’s an example of a wee town on the West Coast trying to fight back. One example being Love Oban – a voucher scheme. A voucher scheme redeemable at 74 businesses within Oban thereby keeping money in the town and benefiting the whole area.

Here’s the website "Bid4Oban" and a couple of paragraphs taken from ‘what it’s about’..

“A Business Improvement District (BID) is a proven business-led initiative, supported by legislation, where businesses work together and invest collectively in local improvements to their business environment.

A BID covers a defined geographical area, within which businesses operate. Oban's BID is unique in the UK - if not the world! in establishing a BID for a whole town area - that is, all businesses falling within the 30 mph limit of Oban being included within the district.”

Is this a model that NICE or the town’s businesses could follow?

Morag Smith


Anonymous said...

Several years ago wasn't there the Dolphin card running in Nairn? I may be wrong with the name but there was definitely some sort of card scheme.

Not sure how successful it was, but I think these things have a very short life span because people don't feel the rewards are great.

Anonymous said...

Yes a dolphin card was In use I personally had one myself then it unfortunately fizzled out. :-/

High Street Supporter said...

I had a Dolphin card when they were on the go, but as has been said they just seemed to disappear.