Monday, March 24, 2014

Cawdor Village litter concerns – Spring clean up planned

At their recent regular meeting the Cawdor and West Nairnshire Community Council members heard that the litter had become a serious problem in the village. The Council plan to work with Cawdor primary and a “big tidy up” one Saturday morning is planned with children and parents participating. One of the members said: 

“I don’t think we have ever had such a bad litter problem as we’ve got in the last two to three months.”

Another problem now emerging in Cawdor is the phenomena of people bagging up their dog waste but not taking it home but hanging it on trees. 

The Council will organise four groups to clean various areas of the village and environs.


Moan Ranger (the) said...

Peoples total disregard for the environment in the Highlands and the councils ineptitude at dealing with litter and fly tipping is astounding. We are fortunate to have national treasure Stevie to keep our streets spick and span. However the roadside debris along the outer A96 and back country roads is shameful, we live in the most beautiful are and do not respect it.

Anonymous said...

the problems encountered in Cawdor seemed to be twinned with the same in Nairn, namely dog mess, the pavements have never looked so bad, this writer has several times complained to the local authority, to be told that it is the dog owner,s responsiblity, but in the absense of the owner that it falls to the street cleaner to pick up said mess