Sunday, March 02, 2014

New shop opens on the Brae - Saturday the 8th of March

Liz Elgar told the Gurn about her new venture opening on the brae next weekend.

"I am opening a shop on Saturday 8th March called Eliza-Kate Crafts.  As well as offering local Crafter's and businesses the opportunity to rent space within the shop to sell their handmade items, I am also offering activity/craft and messy times for children including Toddler Messy Time, 3-5's, P1-P7 and a Teen chill out on a Sunday.  I also have a space on a Monday morning for community/charity use at a reduced rate.  Activity sessions are in the window of the shop and I can be contacted on my email  I am hoping that a multi-function use of the shop space will ensure it's survival in harsh times but more importantly benefit local people and tourists alike as well as bringing a smile to the High Street."


Anonymous said...

Will this be part of Caledonian Crafts at the back of Marie's new shop?
That would be good to know.

Graisg said...

No this is across the brae in the old premises