Monday, March 10, 2014

"Inside Scoop"

Another Nairn business is to be launched on Nairn High Street soon and it follows a growing trend in Nairn by establishing a presence on Facebook to show off its wares and communicate directly with customers. Despite recent gloomy news there still is hope for Nairn High Street as this new venture demonstrates. Good luck to The Inside Scoop!

The Facebook page states: "We will be opening our doors on Monday 17th March at 10am, at 10 High Street, Nairn! Sandwiches, paninis and toasties, home made ice cream, desserts and sweet treats!" More here. 


Anonymous said...

Good luck, Nairn needs more diverse shops. Will certainly be taking a turn in to see what they offer.

WW said...

Will lots or reporters from the local medias be hanging out here then?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:05pm Totally agree. I visited Ballater the other day and it is an incredible thriving town with lots of diverse shops and nice coffee shops / cafes with customers sitting outside enjoying their coffee. I realise Ballater is a different sort of town but it can be done. Not one closed shop in sight!