Sunday, March 16, 2014

Showies on the Showfield

Around midday several large showie vehicles and assorted caravans started parking up on the Lodgehill Road end of the Showfield. Later in the afternoon they began to set their rides and equipment up. 
One of them told the Gurn that they will be open next Friday from around 6-10 p.m. and they will again be open on the Saturday plus the following week Monday to Saturday, possibly at the same times. 


Moan Ranger (the) said...

Excellent! Great to see the showfield being used as intended. Hope the rent they pay is used for the benefit of the people in Nairn. I expect there will be a few NIMBYS not happy though!

Anonymous said...

The rent that they are paying will benefit the Farming Society only as it is in their property.