Saturday, April 12, 2014

80 trees plus shrubs to improve the eastern approach to Nairn?

Gurnites will recall the recent controversial felling of some young trees on the periphery of the Balmakeith industrial estate. There were calls for the trees to be replaced. Following an on-site meeting of River CC, BEAR, Keeping Nairnshire Colourful and the Highland Council’s Forestry officer it looks as though a permanent solution to improving the appearance of that side of the eastern approach to the town may be possible.

Stephanie Whittaker, Secretary of Nairn River CC, told her organisation’s regular meeting earlier in the week that they had received a letter from Grant Stewart, the Highland Council’s forestry officer. She said that he had suggested that there should be eight landscape beds similar to those at Achareidh at the other end of town and each bed would contain five broad leaf trees and five evergreen trees and twenty lower growing shrubs. She added however:
“As we said last week, that depends on funding and whether BEAR will still be in position in August."


John Urquhart. said...

Unlike the west side, will these tree and shrub beds be Maintained?

growtosow said...

good point john. west side has been done now but after a lot of pushing for the work to be done. i would hope they would be looked after. but on saying that check out the the young trees that were planted not that long ago. quite a lot of them dead.