Thursday, April 17, 2014

"Your chance to design an action plan for your town centre" - Highland Council release publicity for Nairn Charrette

The information leaflet (first page shown below) states: 

"Your Nairn, Your Town Centre gives you the opportunity to make a  difference to the future of Your Town Centre. This public event will help  the Council prepare a plan that will identify short, medium and long  term actions for the Town Centre, including issues that require testing,  funding and delivery."

You can read the entire information leaflet online here. 

The event will take place at The Court House, High Street Nairn
Wednesday 30th April, 9.15am-7pm & Thursday 1st May 2014, 9.15am-7.30pm

Those unable to attend can fill in an on-line questionaire here. Any Gurnites got any ideas for the town centre? Your chance is coming up. 

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