Wednesday, April 23, 2014

NICE ones - suggestions to improve Nairn

A few suggestions from a survey document available on the NICE Nairn website - see more on "3) Any additional comments, ideas or suggestions you’d like to make?" on this page here

"The car parks need trees like the successful planting at Morrison's shop in Inverness.  

A safe footpath from Househill Farm shops and cafe extending northwards to the existing footpath.

Improved access from the east beach to the Culbin Forest.

Is a Tourist Information Centre needed?  The I-net provides ample information,

pedestrianize the lower half of the high street and change to residential. Move shops to main part of high street.

A pedestrianised High Street might kill it off completely - as has happened in other towns.

The town needs an open "centre" badly - as proposed by NICE.

The bus station should be moved to King Street to release additional parking.

Low Income housing should be located conveniently for transport but not in a car park.  We need more that can be dedicated to local Nairn demand - and not Highland demand.

How about a Zulu Drifter or similar anchored against the River quayside with an accompanying display of fishing the silver darlings on land?

Work to maintain and improve Nairn's independent identity. We want to be proud of our town.

How about a display about Cumberland's army camping overnight in Viewfield Park (even if it didn't!)?"

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