Monday, April 07, 2014

Murd happy to see the bus station stay where it is

Murd writes to the Gurn with his opinion on a proposed move of the bus stop out of the "bus station" .

"Dear Sir,

I asked at the recent joint meeting of Nairnshire community councils, why was it necessary to stop using the bus station for the reason that it was built. It has shelters, seating, and a cafe. The bus station is a safe place to uplift and set down passengers without them stepping in front of oncoming traffic. 
Now it appears Auldearn people will have to come to Nairn for a bus to go east and will have to cross the A96, which will be a risk that need not be taken. And at moment this would not have to happen as the bus would be pulling into the bus station. 
When I said that I did not use the buses I was told in effect that if you don’t use them there is no need to get concerned. 
I have worked in the past as a bus driver and passenger safety was part and parcel of the job so I feel my contribution was valid and should not have been rubbished in this way. As your readers will know I do try to get the best for everyone. 
It would be NICE if some of the more forward councillors would put some of their burning desire to involve themselves in civic life into providing a ramp for the disabled at the Firhall Bridge and sorting out the danger created on the Station Brae for instance, rather than dreaming up pet projects that are candidates for the ongoing talking shop.

May I ask again, why do they want to move the bus stop? to the side of the road and let the public know their justified reason.

Yours etc, 
Murd Dunbar "


Anonymous said...

We need to distinguish between "ideas" and "proposals". IF there are any major changes to the town centre layout we will need to consider bus stops. There is no proposal on the table to move bus stops or the bus station.

Again, IF we want to encourage tourist coaches we may want to consider a drop-off point that allows people to safely access the High St.

Auldearn people do not need to come to Nairn to go East. They can go to Forres or Elgin on the 11 bus and get the 10 there.,%2010A,%2010B,%20X10.pdf


Reply to anonymous.
It would of been nice If I had received your response rather than the reply I got at the meeting.
Again as an ex-coach driver. May I suggest the car park at the links is ideal for coaches, where you have within easy distance a beach {said to one of the best in the Country ?} play area for children, toilets, cafe and lovely walks along the sea-front; all the things you like to do when on holiday and not that far from the town centre for what it has to offer if they want to shop!