Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Compiling Nairn Common Good Fund register – “A mammoth task”

At the joint meeting of Nairn West and Suburban community councils in Nairn Academy earlier tonight the Westies’ Graham Kerr asked Michael Green: “I just wondered when we were talking about the Common Good if the Highland Council have completed the study of where all our assets are and how the inquiry was coming along, if they were now in a position to say this is where we are and this is where the books are.”

Michael responded: “No, that is actually a mammoth task. It’s never been undertaken before and it’s taking up the vast majority of Liz Cowie’s time and it’s to the detriment of many other tasks.”

Graham Kerr came back: “I thought it was officers in the Highland Council”

“It’s Liz Cowie and Lyn MacLennan, both from Nairn and they are working through that systematically  and the’re spending a lot of time to go through it in the detail it requires, piece by piece,” said Michael. 
A little later he added: “ The only reason the information is not coming out is because it has not been factually checked and updated, and that is what is happening and there will come a time in the next – I’m not going to say when we will draw a line and say to the best of our efforts and endeavours that is an accurate register of Nairn Common Good and everything will then be in the public domain.” 

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Anonymous said...

I remember the issue of a Common Good Asset Register being talked about by HC Audit and Scrutiny Committee in 2010. Perhaps if we still had a full-time Ward Manager this would have been completed long before now.