Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Nairn Action Plan - will the charrette be well attended?

Around 9 hours from publishing this post the Nairn towncentre Charrette will meet to form an action plan for the development of the town centre but is everyone actually certain of what the parameters of the charrette will be? More details about the charrette here. 

Dick Youngson speaking at the joint West and Suburban Community Council meeting in the Academey earlier tonight said: “We haven’t yet agreed perhaps on the area of the town that the charrette area should be. Whether we are limiting ourselves to the area Leopold Street down to Gordon Street or whether it is going to be a much larger town centre area. There’s no point in deciding or discussing what’s happening within the immediate centre of the town without actually discussing the ramifications of development on the much wider area. Personally I would like to see it extended much more and our discussion can be quite frank and open. It really takes in everything, the development around Fishertown, the harbour, the river, the whole remit.”

Secretery of the Westies Brian Stewart then said a few words on this topic: “I don’t know how many people have actually seen the publicity that the Highland Council and the convenors put out. They do seem to be drawing the boundaries, or at least, they are not defining the boundaries very precisely but they are keeping the scope of the discussion pretty wide. They’ve invited ideas across the board on pretty much all aspects of what Nairn is and what Nairn does and what it should be and how it can be improved so I don’t think there will be difficulty in haggling over boundaries or how far this will range. [...] My greater concern is whether they throw a party and nobody comes. It’s two days and it’s two long full days from 9.15 in the morning to 7 at night and I do slightly worry that people will show up and then disappear or will...I hope I’m wrong about it.”


Anonymous said...

Incredible that it is has been set out to eliminate the working population and many mothers with young children etc. etc. With respect to the retired population of Nairn, it would have been nice to get a more holistic feel for the town going forward. To plan it so that you have to commit to a full day is unhelpful and not to have contributing evening sessions, rather than just feedback, is poor.
The recent Muirtown to South Kessock Charrette had day and evening sessions - shorter but getting a wide viewpoint. Even the local schools within the catchment were involved - to the extent of producing a short film and their own plans.
Not impressed.

Graisg said...

up to 7.30 tonight and 7pm tomorrow no use then?

Charade said...

I agree with @anon 8:03

The charrette might well go on into the early evening but even if I do manage to get along post work I'll have missed speeches, presentations etc

I know we're moving to a 24/7 society but I would suggest that the majority of the population might be able to attend at a weekend rather than weekdays

But this in turn beggars the question is it all just a token gesture anyway, I think judging by the times we're given access the answer is a firm yes

Anonymous said...

I predict a very poor turnout indeed - as for the increased footfall into Nairn? How can I possibly think of things to do this. Sort out the traffic problems first. The bad weather will have an effect too but I hope the lack of interest does not stall what has got to be done.

Anonymous said...

Traffic is the main issue people are hardly going to feel like shopping on the high street if they have to cue for 40 minutes to get into nairn

Graisg said...

The charrette did seem to be visualising a time in the near future when there would be a bypass.