Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Camera Concern at Firhall

Here is the text of an e-mail that has entered the public domain via the DPEA hearing pages for the South Nairn planning application:

"Dear Mrs Kerr 

On behalf of Firhall Collective Group (FCG) we bring to the Reporters' attention the matter of cameras that were installed at Cawdor Road, Nairn. 

On Sunday 30th March 2014 a white Compass Van Hire vehicle from Kilmarnock, appeared at Cawdor Road near the junction with Firhall Drive and the operative duly attached two traffic monitoring cameras high up on lamp posts numbered ZZP and ZZQ being the property of The Highland Council. This action caused concern to a resident who is not represented by the FCG, and they duly reported the matter to the Police Scotland. Police enquiries established the van operative was carrying out instructions on behalf of an legitimate organisation but did not disclose who this is.

As this activity raised not only concern on why it was undertaken late on a Sunday afternoon but what is the purpose of such action, The Highland Council was contacted on Monday 31st, the highways department and street lighting department informing both of this event. The primary concern about this matter was the cameras were not focusing on traffic along the Cawdor Road but at Firhall Drive and the immediate properties within. Both departments under took investigations and established that The Highland Council had no knowledge of why this activity was undertaken or had granted a permit to any third party for such cameras to be attached to their property. 

By early evening on Monday 31st both cameras had been removed either by the street lighting department or by the third party who had them installed. It is not known what information was recorded by these devices, if any at all, but request any such data be disclosed by any party at the Hearing Sessions the Reporter rules it immiscible as the statement deadline was the 21st March 2014. 

Mr John Harrison"

The reply from the DPEA Case officer states: 
"Dear Mr Harrison 

I acknowledge receipt of your e-mail, and confirm that it has been passed to the reporter for his 



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