Saturday, April 05, 2014

Reward for information on poisonings of birds of prey in Black Isle - RSPB set up just giving page to help up the reward figure

This observer has noticed that some Gurnites have expressed their outrage on facebook about the recent poisonings of birds of prey in Ross-shire. RSPB Scotland has now set up a page on the crowd funding site Justgiving where members of the public can make donations to the reward total for any information that leads to a successful conviction. Justgiving page is here. 


Anonymous said...

Sadly, according to the BBC/RSPB the figure has now risen to 18. 13 Red Kites and 5 Buzzards. The Just giving site has reached over £4000, let's hope there will be more and they catch the b******s who did, and no doubt continue, to do this.

Anonymous said...

The figure has now gone up to 19, 14 Red Kites and 5 Buzzards. Just giving site has had over £4330 now.