Friday, April 25, 2014

Dennis Canavan and Fergus Ewing at Indyref meeting in URC tonight

Impassioned material tonight from Yes campaigners Dennis Canavan and Fergus Ewing in the United Reform Church. Local Councillor Liz MacDonald also spoke. A large turnout too for a dreach Friday night. In June the Rev Stephen Manders will also be hosting the Better Together campaign. 
As soon as time permits we hope to post a video of the event and the QandA session after the speeches.


Anonymous said...

After hearing Dennis tonight - It is very clear that his quest for social justice is Scotland's quest. If we want a fairer and better society then we need to take the responsibility to build it.
IF you want a Thatcherite-Blairite selfish and more socially divided Britain - then be proud and vote "No".
BUT - if you want better and fairer - then it has to be YES

Anonymous said...

No it is then !