Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Links Kiosk Marine Road - "Seasonal Lease available - rental offers invited"

So says a document you can download on this HSPC page here. "Interested parties are advised to contact the area Planning and Building Standards office to discuss their proposed use."


Anonymous said...

Heard DE was supposed to be selling plants and gardening stuff. Whaterver happens hopefully it will be a lot nicer with the boards down.

Good luck to the new High St enterprise anyway.

Anonymous said...

should be used for the purpose it was built for and not a commercial outlet, the summer visitors and locals have to go over to the swimming pool now for there putting stuff, obviously to save paying someone to sit there for the day , but i am sure there would be more than enough volunteers especially active pensioners that would love to sit in there, what a lovely place to spend a few hours and not cost anything ! its a dam disgrace