Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sunday traffic lights delay in Nairn - power outage to blame?

One of our regular readers left this comment on another post in reference to the long tailbacks through Nairn on Sunday - at one point all the way back to the Delnies turning:

"Tried to get traffic Scotland to put it on there site but they refused as "it was not an incident
There was an ambulance trying to get through town west to east and having to drive completely into the oncoming traffic as the left lane was stopped from Tradespark down to Lochloy Rd junction, again!"

Our correspondent also wrote to BEAR with his concerns, he also thought perhaps that the power cut on Saturday had caused the lights to revert to a previous default setting that gave less precedence to the traffic on the A96 at the Lochloy junction. He received a prompt reply from BEAR on Monday morning:

"Thank you for notifying us of the traffic signal fault within your area.
Firstly, I apologies for the way in which you were treated by our 0800 staff and can inform you that I have asked our supervisor responsible for this team to investigate why the person was not willing to take down any information regarding this issue.
Since our power outage issues, there have been improvements made to all controllers to eliminate this issue arising again, however, I have instructed our traffic signal team to attend site to investigate whether there are any underlying faults at Lochloy Road and Harbour Street which would lead to these delays you describe.


Simon Heron
Assistant Electrical Manager | BEAR Scotland"


Unknown said...

It's not just the locals who notice these things too:



Anonymous said...

Why doesn't mr heron instruct his team to look at Albert st for a day and see what a shambles it is

Graisg said...

Thanks for that Dave, and Pam MacKay is not impressed with a reply she got from Highland Council too.