Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Planning for Nairn town centre regeneration - a two day opportunity with the Charrette on Wednesday 30th April and Thursday 1st May

Basically the 2-day charrette will be about town centre regeneration but it appears from what has been said at Community Council meetings recently that areas a little further away from the traditional "High Street" concept of a town centre will be discussed. Can we collectively come up with a plan that would outline changes to the built environment that would benefit and transform the town centre? Do we know what we really want anyway - can a shared vision emerge? Is there even unanimity within the business community in the town on how best to proceed? 

How exactly would the mechanics of a regeneration transformation work? Where would the money come from in these continuing times of austerity? Many, many questions but do any of us have potential solutions, or crumbs of ideas that might collectively work towards solutions? And if we do have ideas, will enough of us attend the charrette anyway?

The Gurn has been sent a copy of a set of questions that the Highland Council think the Charrette should address, it comes in the form of an e-mail sent by principal planner Brian MacKenzie to interested parties in Nairn. Click the read more tab to browse them and please give us your thoughts on how things might move forward when it comes to town centre regeneration. Will you be going?

"Dear all,

In advance of the forthcoming the Town Centre Action Plan events please find an outline of the main issues we wish to investigate and benefit from your knowledge and ideas for the future of your town centre.

We will confirm the dates and venues and the programme of events next week, but as food for thought these are the main areas for thought although we fully expect you will have many ideas and proposals for future enhancement measures.

What we are doing… Action Plan for Town Centre Regeneration
o   Why do we need this:
·         Nairn Town Centre is the business, knowledge, visitor and cultural hub for the area, and connects it to the rest of the Highlands.
·         Nairn is your town: we want your help!
·         This is your chance to tell us what kind of town centre Nairn should be, and put forward your ideas for how to maximise the future vitality and viability of the town.
o   Action Plan outcomes
·         Increase footfall – more local people and visitors using the Town Centre
·         Improved environment – better look and feel to the Town Centre
·         Better use of vacant spaces and buildings in the centre.
·         Improved linkages to and from the centre to the Links area and wider area
We want your ideas – consider these questions.
·         Q1 - Your Vision for the Identity of the Town Centre:
o   Imagine what you think Nairn Town Centre should be like in 20 years.  Consider the identity of the Town in terms of…
·          Users of the Town Centre and the facilities they need
·          How people get to the town centre and move around it
·          The built and natural environment
o   Consider issues such the future of buildings in the centre, development of the linkages to the Harbour area, links and the river. How delivery of the bypass will affect the use of the current A96 and movement in the town centre.
Q2 – In light of your thoughts on Q1 what do you think are the three most important things that could improve the town and increase the number of local people and visitors using the town centre?
·         Tourist attractions
·         Retail facilities
·         Transport
·         Space for new or existing businesses to grow
·         Under-used buildings or spaces in the town centre that could be put to better use
·         Opportunities to make the town centre look nicer"

Brian MacKenzie
Principal Planner"


Andrew said...

Can I ask where and what times the Charrette will take place please?

Graisg said...

@anon re planning rumour 30 flats, got any sources for that info?

Graisg said...

Thanks anon, will try and find out more

Graisg said...

Hello again, gather there has been an idea mooted for the spot you mentioned that would include realignment of the road and a few houses but no flats. Nothing in the public domain yet though.