Monday, April 21, 2014

Army horse Penny finds a retirement home locally after 12 years service with Kings Troop, Royal Horse Artillery

In a post of October last year we linked to this video which told the story of Penny an Irish Draught Mare, an animal that was rescued by World Horse Welfare. After a period of being nursed back to health Penny went on to serve for 12 years with the Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery as a member of the gun team.

The video shows Penny being retired to the World Horse centre in Blackpool where the organisation hoped to eventually re-home her. Local girl Fiona Dunbar is a serving soldier with the Kings Troop and she can be seen in the video with the horse she got to know very well. Now thanks to Fiona, Penny has found a new home for her retirement days at Logie stables. Fiona was on leave when Penny arrived Thursday and helped her pal settle in.   A picture below of Fiona and Penny.

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