Thursday, April 10, 2014

Internet memorial to Alexander Sandy D Main, a Nairn man murdered in the Vancouver area whilst serving as a police officer in April 1900

Dave Conner, Highland branch secretary of the Retired Police Officers Scotland came across the following article on a forum he visits and thought Gurnites might be interested:

"Aberdeen Weekly Journal , Wednesday , May 9 , 1900


A cablegram has been received in Nairn from Vancouver , British Columbia ,
stating that Alex. Main , a policeman of that town, had been murdered by
Chinese while investigating a case of theft on the outskirts of the town .
He was missed for three days .
Two arrests were made .
Main is a native of Nairn , where he was a fisherman .
He left Nairn about eleven years ago , and was married."

Dave also found a link to a memorial page for the murdered officer who had risen through the ranks to be the Chief in Richmond, a city separate from Vancouver at that time, at the age of 35. The page can be viewed here. 

Dave also told the Gurn that he checked his records of the old Nairnshire Constabulary and found that Alexander main did not serve in that force before emigrating but became a police officer in Canada. Dave has an online museum of Northern Constabulary images here on flickr. 

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Dave Conner said...

I have now found a much more detailed account of the events concerning Chief constable Main's murder

Best regards, and thanks to all for your interest