Friday, April 25, 2014

Preventing Lyme Disease - Nairn and Ardersier Tick Information Sheet

"Winter in Nairnshire is over and we all look forward to summer and getting into the countryside and gardens.

The midges are a nuisance in the countryside which we all curse.  The midges don’t leave any lasting effects on our bodies but up to 10% of summer ticks can cause Lyme disease unless we look for ticks and remove them properly.

Lyme disease is easily prevented and treated, with some common sense!"

The local practice has produced an information leaflet which shows you what to look for if bitten by a tick and answers many questions that you might have about what ticks look like and what to do when bitten. A copy of the document is available here. 

One example from the Q&A style document produced by Doctor Adrian Baker:

"Q.                   What does the rash look like?

A.         If you develop a rash after a tick bite make an

appointment with your GP       within a week.  The red rash from the tick bite spreads, sometimes like a target pattern to a red rash over a week.  It may spread across a        whole thigh and become more faded over 4-6 weeks then disappear.

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