Friday, August 21, 2009

Bill discusses the release of Megrahi

Interesting piece from Bill on his blog and some debate has started with reaction in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Read this view yesterday:

Bill said...

Thanks for the mention, Graisg.


Anonymous said...

I have always thought of the Gurn as being both fair and as much as it can be truthful in the comments which you publish, a 'liberal' blog but one that I and many other people that I speak with enjoy?

I'm surprised and a little disappointed that you have chosen to highlight Bill Cameron's blog, especially his take on the given subject of Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi.

Other than his part time residence in Nairn he seems to bring little to our community that I'm aware of unlike the Gurn.

Please keep up the good work, but I without links to characters that frankly appear bigoted in their outlook with little or no compassion.

To quote from a recent comment that Bill made on his 'blog'.

"For the avoidance of doubt, neither this blog nor my YouTube account is a 'democracy' as I make the rules and if people don't like them, well" ....

Nothing like open debate then!


A Gurn reader

Graisg said...

Bill's blog has acutally been linked on her for quite a long time just as the Gurn is linked over there.
Despite an ideological political gulf I actually get on quite well with Bill.
There are actually ocassionaly crumbs of right-wing libertarianism that resonate with parts of my loony green gàidhlig approach to life - yes I did inhale - but a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Bill, please allow anonymous comments on your blog - no Google ID here. :)

- Brian

a not so young pretender said...

you'll be lucky Brian

without a google ID you could be anyone and Bill doesn't like that :)

- Brian

Graisg said...

Get the feeling that this thread could be closing soon :-)

-Not Brian,-
-Not even the man that finally put Nairn Beach on the map

Anonymous said...

Considering the state of certain areas of the beaches at the moment.
It maybe better if they were never

iRight said...

And Bill is such a nice chap. He didn't like a comment I posted and threatened to pull the link to the Gurn from his blog unless it was taken down

Maybe I'll bog again one day


Graisg said...

Historical note:
In July a post was removed from the Gurn after consultation with Gurn writers.
One man's request could be seen as another's threat, it's all relative. But anyway the fact that someone might have removed a link to the Gurn was not part of the decision making process in removing that article.

Now this thread is closing - goodnight all.