Thursday, August 13, 2009

Merrytown farm plans?

A worried member of the public attended the River Community Council meeting on Tuesday night to see if anyone had any news of a planning application for the Merryton Farm site. Recently a surveying team had been seen on the land and given the controversial large development of flats next door it is understandable that residents would want to be quick off the mark if there was any likelihood of another development nearby. It is perfectly legitimate for the owner to have the land surveyed however, and it is perhaps inevitable that that field so close to the town centre will one day see some sort of development but the Gurn shares the worries of that resident who would not like to see yet more large blocks of flats in that area.
If we are to build new homes in Nairn, let's make sure that everyone gets a garden and a bit of parking space with each home, be they private, housing association, affordable or unaffordable or whatever. Keep your eye on the ball Gurnites, sensible development only in Nairn (and a sewage system that can cope with that development please)!

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growtosow said...

looks like any bit of ground in or around the town is fair game these days. your points on having a garden and parking space is valid as to the garden space most would be postage stamp size. as they try to get as many houses in to the ground. not very encouraging for those who want to grow their own fruit veg or flowers.