Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Water Lane campaign gathers momentum

It seems the campaign against the proposed 5 town houses on the rear of the Woolworths building is spreading beyone the confines of Water Lane with others in the town indicating that they wish to help their fellow citizens threatened with over-development. The Gurn has received a copy of a letter sent to Mr MacCracken the planning officer dealing with this application:
'Formal Objection: Proposed Development at Water Lane, Nairn (Application:09/00090/FULNA)

Dear Sirs,

I am writing to you in support of all residents affected by the above proposal and object for following reasons:

The proposed type of development is not in line with the 200 years old historic character of this quarter.
The number of houses and their size, height, material and architecture will have a most negative impact on the future sympathic and distinctive development of Nairn's town center.

The proposed development will massively constrain the Water Lane residents' quality of life: loss of daylight (height of the buildings), loss of privacy (narrow Lane - opposite windows), increased traffic / noise. The parking situation is doubtful, the quarter's infrastructure (drainage/sewage) with such an overdevelopment questionable.

Loss of substantial business premises (suitable for attractive larger retailers, desperately needed!) is also a concern re the necessary revitalisation of Nairn's High Street and reactivation of tourism.

At least, even the quality of life in the proposed new houses (same problems as described before) will be very low. Following the drafts supplied, the houses are very narrow with few windows only towards the frontage - but are three stories high - this will be only suitable for a very small segment of population excluding disabled people, elderly people and families with children.

Yours sincerely,'
Should you wish to help the Water Lane citizens then you too can write too the following address:
The Planning Officer
Mssrs. McCracken / Polson
Area Planning Office
Highland Council,
1-3 Church Street,
You can also make an online objection on this webpage. It seems to accept comments but if you click onto the tab to read the comments it won't allow you to do so (IE7 anyway). The Gurn has published details of the plans and they are also available in the Courthouse. Why not take a walk down Water Lane and see for yourself the impact this development will have.
There it is Gurnites, it is worth considering supporting your fellow citizens because such a planning application could affect your area next.
Those concerned about this development have until Tuesday the 1st of September to register their objections that's only 7 Days

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