Friday, August 21, 2009

Nairnshire Partnership and Ward Forum 26th August 18.00 - 20.00, the Courthouse - an item for debate that Gurnites may wish to hear in person

Good morning Gurnites, here's the Highland Council webpage and the agenda in detail. A concerned Gurnite has drawn our attention to item 10:
10. Highland Development Plan Scheme – presentation by Malcolm Macleod, HC’s Development Plans Manager
Our correspondent tells us, 'the MIR (Main Issue Report) itself is now coming up for consultation with the general public. This HWDP will inform the development of the whole of the inner Moray Firth area for some years to come and is enormously important.' Our fellow Gurnite continues.' mention this only to highlight two things, people in Nairn need to be attending anything to do with the MIR now in order to acquaint themselves with it in an environment where there are people to answer their questions as is the case at the Forum next week. They should also take the opportunity to go online and look at the MIR on the H.C. website and here is where to go.......

This may all sound a bit dull but we have to show an interest because if we don't then the voices of ordinary citizens will be lost and we may get the kind of future that others want to impose upon us. If you care about your community and other communities in the Moray Firth and the Highlands then get involved in planning issues, make your views known, talk to your friends and neighbours about it and let's make the agenda something that is citizen led and not council, government or developer led. Sometimes we like to bitch about how we think things are going wrong and how we feel we are ignored but this time let's make 100% use of this new chance to have our say.
Keep an eye on the APT blog too for important news items about further meetings and chances to get your point of view across.

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