Monday, August 17, 2009

The just after midnight press review

This week's Nairnshire front page is a sewage splash with details and reaction to the recent pollution event in the River Nairn. Inside, news of possible discrimination against a young tennis star, more debate on Nairn as a cultural destination, the lack of a Fishertown bus service. Letters about the seagulls and alleged Lib Dem 'hypocrisy'. The Editor has his finger on the pulse with a write-up of how volunteers do so much for the town. A large jazz article and more on the Woolies planning application - you can see a copy of the drawing for 5 houses that could be crammed into Water Lane if this application succeeds. There's pictures from the games and more, much more, the usual delightful 40p treat is waiting to brighten up your life at a newsagent's near you.


Anonymous said...

I took a wander down Water Lane to see what all the fuss was about (I confess I've never been down there before) and I can see what the problem is. It's very narrow, and where the houses would go would make it even more cramped. On top of all that they wouldnt have much of a view and they'd be looking onto some sort of tin shed. Who'd want to buy them?

Anonymous said...

Mad Locals.?