Thursday, August 27, 2009

West Pier seats to be replaced

Last night Louise Clark told the masses at the Ward Forum meeting upstairs in the Courthouse that the West Pier seats are to be replaced. Things might look very different it seems by the start of next season. The article on the state of the seats attracted quite a lot of comment.


jayteescot1 said...

That is good news, seems that some people are taking notice of public dismay at various aspects of the towns services. I hope they supply a decent litter bin on the west pier too, and also a notice at the end of the pier for fishers not to discard tackle!
Best to do a proper job whilst they are at it !

Anonymous said...

good call JT

I would add

'Please do not feed the birds'

signs to your list, these to be all around the harbour and river

'Best to do a proper job whilst they are at it'

Quite right JT

Anonymous said...

Shows you what a wee bit o' gurning can do.Whats next gurners-Birdbaths?