Monday, August 10, 2009

Sandown Appeal: Request for Support.‏

The Gurn is happy to publish the following appeal from Brian Lynch of the Nairn Residents Concern Group.
'The people of Nairn may remember the May 12th (2009) planning hearing where Highland Council quite correctly rejected Deveron Higland's planning application for 550 homes (plus wetlands,community centre etc) at Sandown. You may also be aware that Deveron have appealed this decision and that there will be a public enquiry at a date yet to be advised.

Nairn Residents Concern Group have a working party that not only worked up and presented a "citizen objectors" case at the May 12th hearing-but continues to proactively work the issue right up to the present.

We are prepared to construct, register and present objections to Deverons appeal submission when the public enquiry date is announced. The developers are likely to argue, on the basis of the very limited survey exercise they conducted, that there was no clear public view among the people of Nairn either in favour of, or against, their proposals. This is despite that fact that no-one spoke in favour of the development at the Planning Committee hearing in May.

The goal which we all share, is of a Nairn which retains its unique character and qualities, and where development is appropriate, proportionate, and reflects the views and aspirations of the town’s residents. Therefore the Nairn Residents Concern Group response will cover several principal objections, the key one of which is specifically related to the large number (550 houses), and high density of the proposed development and its impact on infrastructure. We believe that the submission the Group makes to the appeal will carry more weight if we can demonstrate to the Appeals Reporter that it reflects the collective views of a substantial number of the people of Nairn. We are therefore keen to incorporate the comments of local residents into our document.

So can I seek input from all those readers of the Gurn who have concerns about any aspect of Deveron's plans for the Sandown land (whether specifically about the number of houses, or about the wider impact of the proposal on the infrastructure, traffic, services and facilities of the town)? To express support for the Group's position, please send an email to (or write to the address below) giving your own name and address and indicating any points about which you are particularly concerned.

Yours Sincerely,
Brian Lynch
(For Nairn Residents Concern Group)
"Benview": Sandown Farm Lane, Nairn'
Thanks Brian. Please foward this appeal to friends and neighbours gurnites, print off a few copies for those without PC's. This is a fight for what kind of a town we want to live in - now it is time to get involved!

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