Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Murd's continuing effort to ensure disabled access to the Firhall Bridge

Riverside campaigner Murd Dunbar has learnt that Scottish Water appear to be willing for the old water main to be removed from the Firhall Bridge. The next step would be a Highland Council report on the conditions and options of the bridge to be commission, although this was in the pipeline for action it has now slipped back somewhat do to financial restrictions. One step forward, one step backward? Murd promises to keep up the pressure however and last night he gave the River Community Council the latest update on how things have been proceeding.
Well done Murd and more power to your campaign to enable access for all across this bridge, something that would enable those less mobile or agile than the rest of us to enjoy the round trip along the riverside walks.

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growtosow said...

hope it goes ahead as this will help all who walk around the river. locals and all the rest of the folk who vist our town. well done murd keep up the good work.