Sunday, August 30, 2009

Light blogging ahead

September could be a very light month on the Gurn, work and other commitments mean time must be spent on other matters, including some more attempts at Gaelic short stories. If you have anything urgent, especially on local planning matters and don't get a quick response you can always try Nairn Matters (a forum for issues concerning Nairn). One avenue for many groups and organisations might be to consider starting a blog themselves. There is a school of though that this dissipates the potential readership when a story or an issue arises. The Gurnmeister feels that, just as in the greater blogsphere, Nairn issues that are of great concern would rise to the top and many people also keep in touch with all the blogs through RSS feeds and blog readers like this one here so we could easily survive with a few more blogs in Nairn.
Just as before if we had some information to share with the world we had to wait for the MSM to publish it for us (if they were willing), why wait for a blog or web site to do it? Put information online yourself! Blog readers are a facility that enable you to click on a link to your favourite blog to see a quick list of the latest articles without visiting that blog thus saving you time. There you have it Gurnites, we are all the media now!

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Gurnite said...

Good luck with your other writing, Gurnmeister, and many thanks for an excellent Gurn in recent weeks. Please don't be too 'light'; there's no substitute for the Gurn!