Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Water Lane plans 'gone to Kingussie'‏

Dear Gurn,
I thought your readers might be interested to hear how I got on trying to find out about the plans for five town houses in Water Lane off theHigh Street.
I did spot that the original notification advised me to go Barron House which I knew was closed. It's encouraging to note the Court House has copies of the plans but I am usually away from Nairn Monday to Friday 9 to 5. Then I noted that the plans could be inspected in Inverness and as luck would have it I was able to visit the planning office in Church Street during my lunch break today.
Only to be told, after some searching, that I couldn't inspect the plans as 'the file has gone to Kingussie'!
I asked about e-planning (which means you can view plans on line) but it seems this won't be fully up and running in Highland till next month (by which time it will be too late to comment on the Water Lane plans), although it has been receiving planning applications since April.
Jason Rose,
That is very interesting Jason and disturbing, you would think a copy would be available by some means in the Inverness Office. The e-planning does provide a basic service at the moment but if you were looking for information on the Water Lane plan then no chance, the last weekly list is for the 7th of August and available on PDF, the Water Lane application came in after that. When will the latest list be available? As a matter of interest the plans and other documents are now available for viewing in the Courthouse.
Please note that later this evening the Gurn intends to publish the details of the Water Lane proposal on line for all gurnites to see. This is an important planning application gurnites, if it gets the go ahead the floodgates will be open to cram inappropriate houses in anywhere in our community. Your street or neighbourhood could be the target of such a development next!


growtosow said...

i have a postage stamp if anyone wants to build on it?

Anonymous said...

Are the plans on some sort of pilgrimage? Did they pulled into Kingussie?