Sunday, August 30, 2009

Murd's sign's up

Back to the top for the Monday morning edition and well worth top spot!
Murd has run out of patience waiting for the local authority to put up a name plate for John Street so he's spent a fiver and done it for himself! Nice one Murd.


Tic Tock said...

Is that what you would call
"A Right Clock Up".

Anonymous said...

na, just a sign of the time/s

Samantha said...

Well Done Murd, One thing less for the Council to think about (or do). Perhaps Nairnites could rally on Rosemary Young and John Hart and their suggestion for people from the community to take up brushes and paint and clean up the Regal and the area around it. Anything is better than what Somerfield/Coop have left us with. The Council continue to tell us how many letters they have written to Somerfield but fail to demonstrate any leadership qualities other than penmanship and to date, that seems to be quite inneffectual.

Anonymous said...

"Young and Hart"In the paint charts
a long time ago.But I don't know if they ever did a gig at the Regal.

Gotcha said...

CCTV Shanghai Style.?