Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Piper on the west pier

Morning, Gurnites. Thanks to Tommy for this picture. Any suggestions as to what tune the piper was playing on the pier? The six seat clean-up reel? Iright's blue seat march?


Anonymous said...

dirty old town, stranger on the shore, a piper came to oor toon,
johnathan seagull,any song by edison lighthouse,macarthur[sandy]
park,tinsel town in the rain,beach
baby,love letters in the sand,tiptoe thru the tulips,scholes
of herring,echo beach,iam making plans for nigel,this old house,
sit right down,any thing by The Moody Blues,waltzing ma Tilda,

drum and lace said...

Piper's playing forces tourists to jump for their lives - see photo