Monday, August 17, 2009

Breadcrumb Brigade issues have migrated

A thread over on has let to further comments on the breadcrumbs issue. Brian started out by congratulating Joe on 2 years of swan island and as usual a debate started on related matters. It seems rather tame so far compared to some we've seen here on the same subject and let's hope it stays that way. Worth scrolling down on another older mynairn thread to read a new lengthy comment from 'the dude' who had a really bad holidy experience in the town. Let's hope his thoughts don't get too far up the Google ratings when people are researching Nairn for a potential holiday break. Why not pop over and as the Guardian says 'Comment is free.'


Anonymous said...

Sorry fellow gurnites but you cant argue with what the Dude on MY NAIRN writes.
We have all most probably forgotten the evenings in the back of yaks eating ice-cream.
Or going to Balzanelli’s to buy a quarter pound of sour plooms.
As for the crowd in the high street yes they can be scary,
but where else can they go.
As the dude said there is no night life in Nairn so what do they do.
They congregate outside the Vic Cally and star.
This will not change because our council is not interested in the youth of Nairn, they are to busy bitching about the arts for the tourists, belly dancing, or the cinema of dreams.
These things are nice Tilda done a wonderful job in the cinema, but it is time Nairn started thinking about Nairnites.
There is nowhere for the teenagers to go after the youth club what then.
Nairn wash their hands if the kids after 16.
If our councillor spent half as much of the time she spends arranging belly dancing extravagances actually doing things for the youth of Nairn we would be in really good shape.
As for the Dude sorry guy Nairn is not as bad as you make out you just came on the busiest weekend of the year when all Nairnites from far and wide come home so the street was a little more crowded than usual.
But Liz lets get to work for Nairn we need to save our town the belly dancing is nice but we have had our fill lets not have the Dudes imige of Nairn become a typical image of Nairn..
Believe me the tourists would prefer somewhere nice to go at night than an art gallery during the day.
It is time people start thinking about there own and the tourists will come.
Wee Jake

Graisg said...

As Brian more or less says on Mynairn in response to your comments Jake, Liz's Belly Dancing is neither here nor there and certainly nothing to do with her abilities as a councillor.
I know we all like to gurn about our councillors sometimes but they are elected and in that sense they are representitive.

Graisg said...

anon@1.25, that comment will not be published.
This thread is now closed.