Sunday, August 30, 2009

Water Lane latest

3 days to objections deadline. Latest information here.


APTSec said...

I have visited the e planning page on THC web site and I note that there are now 52 comments associated with this application. For those with access to the internet - and this can be done through the local library - members of the public have a way of making their views known, whatever those views may be.

Just a quick question though, does anyone know how those less familiar with IT have faired with finding out about or making their views known on the application?

Graisg said...

Hi APT Sec
The address for objections appeared in the Nairn MSM and this address was also published on the Gurn.
Here it is again:

The Planning Officer
Mssrs. McCracken / Polson
Area Planning Office
Highland Council,
1-3 Church Street,

50 plus comments - It's a pity they can't be read online too - the HC site promises that? Hopefully the planning dept will be able to access them :-)

Anonymous said...

YES,I think that maybe a problem APTSec.Some people don't actually know what to do.They are not all up to speed.

APTSec said...

Hi Graisg

I was just a bit concerned that members of the public may have had to struggle to get access to the plans to look them over since the planning office in Nairn has closed - although there is an office in the same building as the Service point isn't there or has that changed now?

Graisg said...

Hi, they are very helpful in the service point, they let you have a look in private in the wee room and will make copies if you are willing to pay.
You can also make an appointment to see a planning officer when they are in Nairn.
It isn't ideal and let's hope we don't lose even that.