Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A new future for Nairn - Cawdor Delnies plan - but where's the allotments?

That really was the only criticism that Mr and Mrs Gurnmeister had of the revised masterplan on show at the community centre today. OK, like all the other plans for the area at the moment it has an element of fantasty but surely fantasy based on reality: by that we mean no plans for business parks that will remain empty etc. Golf and tourism are strong elements of the proposal and elements that work well for Nairn already. Here's the masterplan. Have a look for yourself there are other documents too that show the changes after consultation, you can submit your views here on this web page which also allows you to access further information.
It is so ironic that many Nairnites feel that they are getting a better deal from the local aristocracy than from the democratically elected Highland Council's preffered developer on Sandown but when you think about it it isn't all that strange: Cawdor Estate and Cawdor Castle are part of our community and thus will also be around in the future to live with the consequences of their plans.
So apart from the lack of allotments, well done. If Gurnites submit comments please ask for more allotments. There are now 40 people on the Nairn Allotment Society waiting list and although initiatives in the pipeline could soon take a few off there is a proven demand for land to grow fruit and vegetables. Cawdor could resolve this in a flash.
Better the devil you know than the devil you don't?

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