Wednesday, August 12, 2009

River back to normal?

The sewage is no longer flowing straight into the river but with the low level of water coming down the Nairn will things manage to correct themselves quickly? Last night at the River Community Council Tommy Hogg stated that two dead salmon had been seen in the river. A coincidence perhaps, fish die of many things, but coming at a time of a serious pollution incident this will worry many Nairn Anglers.
If you see sewage or other pollution entering the river in the town area you can contact Scottish Water on the following number.
0845 600 8855 and give the following postcode references IV12 5AA for the river and IV12 4PH for the harbour pier area. (thanks to Councillor Graham Marsden for that information, Graham was busy investigating possible pollution sites yesterday).
You can also take pictures and forward them to the authorities and local media, including the Gurn and the Swan Blog. Over on the swan blog there have now been over half a dozen comments from members of the public on the thread concerning this latest pollution issue.

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