Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rosebank Church work

Picture will enlarge. The work on the former kirk has inspired a Gurnite to anonymous comment:

'Could we at last be seeing some progress on one of the eyesores of Nairn which has been a blight on the town for three decades?
The owner of the Rosebank Church seems to be doing some serious work on the restoration of the roof of the building.
One would suspect if he is spending this kind of money there could be developments in the offing.
Or at least he is making the property a more attractive option for potentital buyers. Let's hope so.!!! '


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growtosow said...

not before time just a shame the rest of the buildings that are still standing empty are not used? how long are they going to be left like this? is it not time to move forward and make something of our town.