Thursday, December 03, 2009

Asbestos in schools - why Highland Council was reluctant to come clean!

The Highland News has been continuing its investigation into asbestos in Highland Schools and in a leader comment now published on line they state:

'But this week the Highland News appears to have uncovered why the local authority has been so reluctant to come clean on the issue.

An on-going investigation by the HN has now learned that a notice has been slapped on the council by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), ordering it to get its act together.

The HSE instruction giving the council a year to improve its record-keeping to reduce the risk from the potentially deadly material was actually served as far back as May - it appears after a major scare at Nairn Academy - and has been kept under wraps.'

All those concerned about this problem should read the rest of the HN's leader comment. More later.

Pages two and three of the HN contain details of Donald Wilson’s ongoing investigation. Well worth a read, here’s a short excerpt:

One council insider said: “The background is over a number of issues, not least the recent asbestos scares at Nairn Academy and Kinguisse High School. There is also concern about contractors going into plant rooms in all council buildings were there is a lot of asbestos.

These notices are not served at the drop of a hat. To reach the stage of an Improvement Notice is a serious state of affairs which would suggest the council has not been bothering its backside about the regulations governing asbestos…’

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