Wednesday, December 02, 2009

A tale of Wintersong time

Contributed by a gurnite:

'Nairn Shopping Experience

I was out walking on Monday evening in the High Street, when I spotted a nice pair of sparkly earrings in a local shop, that I thought would suit my beautiful wife for her Wintersong. I has just received my annual Heating Allowance from the government and felt a wee bit flush. I went into the shop, and made my purchase, at a cost of £50 and left feeling happy, that I had contributed to a local shop and also had part completed my Wintersong shopping. I slept well that night and was woken next day by the sound of the Nairny hitting the floor at the letterbox. I opened my beloved paper, and was gobsmacked to see an advert with in huge letters 20 per cent off everything. After using many Kleenex tissues, I decided to go back to the shop to see what my position was regarding my purchase, to be met by a baleful stare from the manageress, and as I could feel myself gradually turning to stone, I exited in a hurry. My future Wintersong purchases will all now be made in either Inverness, Forres or the internet. Nairn is too risqué for me any more.

Happy Wintersong shopping to all Gurnites

Rob Dagenn (OAP with no Wintersong heating)'


Anonymous said...

Rob Dagenn should read his Nairnshire more carefully? The only 20% offer in the Nairnshire this week is from 3.00 - 8.00 p.m. on Thursday - tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so Rob didn't read his Nairnshire properly (bad Rob!) but you'd have thought that in the spirit of Christmas, winterfest/lights, goodwill and all that stuff they might have offered something off? Maybe not the 20% but at least something in the interests of good customer service.
Now they've lost a customer who may have come back to buy his lovely wife something equally twinkly in the future but is highly unlikely to do so now!