Friday, December 11, 2009

More about dinners for councillors

On  a Friday morning someone at Gurn headquarters usually rushes out  to buy the Inverness Courier, it's fun to hold a huge piece  of old technology in your hands whilst eating breakfast and you do get to read their news before they post it on-line (the other Inverness title in the SPP group the Highland News uses the same tactic and why not when you consider that putting it up on line is giving it away for free whilst the the newsprint version is what keeps mouths fed). 

Anyway anyone anxious to read the latest about free meals for councillors may wish to buy the paper too as it seems the councillors are to be treated to not one but two free Christmas jamborees at our expense. Personally I don't grudge them one dinner at public expense but there are those that do. Here I must confess myself to having a free cuppa and biscuit from the Council hospitality facility when I went through to listen to Liz speaking out to defend MacLean Court earlier this year. The Courier reports on this issue in a front-page spread and  an editorial. A quote from the editorial:

'As councillors eat their way through two Christmas lunches at our expense next week they will be polishing off any moral authority they have to ask staff and the public to make individual sacrifices.

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Top Hack said...

Were you offered a blueberry muffin when you had your tea and biscuit? I think we should be told!