Thursday, December 17, 2009

Inspire response

Inspire/Wintersong have updated their blog with a response to the criticism received in both the local mainstream and digital media. They have quite a comprehensive statement which will be illuminating to many readers and hopefully add to the debate in a positive way. On the main issue of controversy they state:
'This year’s theme, ‘WINTERSONG’, has become the focus of some misinterpretation. The concept began with a group discussion by members of the INSPIRE committee around the well known maxim “the sum of the parts is greater than the whole”. The idea of a communal song evolved as a vehicle to involve as many people in the community as possible – bringing all “parts” together to form a whole. The symbol of fire and ice, the logo for the event, was developed to represent the good things about winter – the beauty of winter, the cold drawing us round the fire with loved ones and also expressed the contrasts which remind us of the good things in our lives.
This creative process was not informed by religious beliefs, neither Pagan nor Christian or anti religious beliefs – it was the result of young people wanting to deliver an inclusive celebration for the town.'
You can read the full statement here and it might be more appropriate to engage in any debate/comments over there too. For some reason this article has triggered the feed update in the sidebar, not sure why that is.
On another topic, Joe is contemplating events in Copenhagen.

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