Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Luxury mobile phones for council staff?

'Councils run up ‘staggering’ Blackberry bill' says the Press and Journal and our local authority gets a mention:

'Highland Council has issued 141 handsets to staff at all levels since 2007, with the annual contract cost sitting at about £228 per handset. This year's total bill is expected to be about £32,000.'

Full details on the P&J site: Thousands of pounds being spent on luxury mobile phones for staff.


e said...

£32,000...think of all the salt that would buy. What are they thinking?!

growtosow said...

do they only get blackberry why not a i phone. which one is it has the built in compass. perhaps this would show them way too go? money well spent? not the way i see it.

Anonymous said...

As a council employee with a mobile "phone" this is an essential requirement for economic reasons alone..!

But a "blackberry" if you get issued one of these then you really are "one of elite" and definatly a manager set to impress..!

Ain't it just the way...!

the axe man said...

Being a Blackberry owner means that you will get your redundancy notice quicker than lessor mortals, so the £32K could be redeemed quite quickly :-)

growtosow said...

santa said i was not getting one this year. but will review it for next year. if i am good remember H C keep it real. think of the money our money at that.

Anonymous said...

I do think mobile phones are a necessity these days rather than a luxury but as ER says I would prefer the roads and pavements kept clear

fruity RIM things said...

Surely in Scotland these devices are known as Brambles?

I've even seen the advertising for them on TV

'Have a ramble on yer Bramble
Send an email don't use snail mail'

and then if someone sends you an email you always see the signature

'Sent by my Bramble'

growtosow said...

well the roads and pavements are still bad. sent from a granny smith part of your five a day.

Nairnac said...

did they 'pick their own' blackberries at hardmuir ?

Anonymous said...

As the song goes by The Move
"Goodbye Blackberry Way"

Pardon the Punit