Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tuesday morning local press review - Sainsbury's souvenir edition of the NT

This week’s edition of the local paper comes complete with the annual free calendar give away and is of course the de facto Sainsbury’s souvenir edition. What else could grab the front page spread this week? Inside Nairn’s main stream media outlet turns it’s attention the Streetscape issue. Jeanne Tolmie is this week’s page 3 girl and there is an article about her re-election plus the other results from the opening of the River CC ballot boxes. Jeanne of course is back again as chair. Page 3 also contains Christmas greetings ads from Liz also our Lib Dem duet of Danny and Graham. 

Continuing deeper into the Nairnshire, a major article about crime in the town and another about the retiral of Sandy Ford. The Tripadvisor survey result also features and an analysis of the Co-ops sitting on the fence over the Sainsbury’s issue.

The Editorial deals with the Supermarket issue and that of the uncertainty over the future of the area’s two RAF bases. Something that we can’t ignore in Nairn, as many servicemen have their homes in the Wee County. Lots of other articles including the usual sport and the last-minute cancellation of the Clach v Nairn game on Saturday.

A significant advertisement on page 3: Epicurus will be closing on the 8th of January as Avice will be retiring. Bad news there, indeed. Ironically one of this week’s letters in the Nairnshre urges us to ‘use the local shops or lose them.’ Sometimes you can use local shops and still lose them, take the two off-licences for example, the Gurnmeister used them both but they still went. Epicurus will be missed greatly however, especially in Gurn headquarters, hopefully another store will take over and provide an outlet for the Muskus’s locally laid free-range eggs?

The Nairnshire Telegraph ladies and gentlemen, your 40p Christmas treat awaits you.

And also today in the Press and Journal:

'Laurie Fraser, an Independent councillor and High Street electrician, said: “A new supermarket is just what we need. On a personal level, competition is good.”       More here.

While we are on the subject of local media, congratulations to the APT blog, now 6 months into its existence. For the Gurnmeister one of the virtues of the APT blog is that it delivers the local planning issues to your digital doorstep in a distilled and user-friendly manner thus alerting what you have to do to have an effective say in the process. In our opinion the APT blog has proved to be an effective tool for all those concerned with the many planning and development issues in the A96 corridor. If you have a moment over the holiday why not go over for a browse. One of the latest posts proves the usual interesting read: 'Warning, Warning! What is the point of Local Plan?'

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Anonymous said...

Just to mention that the Nairnshire also includes a review of Nairn Panto - Cinderella this year. Maybe not as important as the Sainsbuyr/co-op issues but worth a mention anyway!