Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas song returns

Picture will enlarge

Subsidy free singing to entertain shoppers this lunchtime  as the Nairn Baptists sing all the old non-politically correct favourites.  A few more pictures here.


Jim said...

What a great bunch of people. The youth of the community seems to be well represented too. No consultants taking ten percent upfront (or retrospectively) I do trust.

Anonymous said...

I think today their musical repertoire included play Misty for
Me, agree very nice people.
Had a look at your photos on display have you treated yourself
to a new long lens??

Not a wintersong fan said...

Well done the singers for giving their time free to entertain the community!

Graisg said...

No new long lens but a long lens :-)

Foto Jean Hic said...

Nice use of filter on the lens too, gives a gentle misty/foggy look adding atmosphere and depth to the subject matter

Christmas Cheer said...

Nice to see some people injecting a bit of Christmas Spirit to the town.