Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nairn blogsphere this evening

Evening Gurnites, there is a bit of confusion in the Nairn blogosphere tonight, and just to clarify the Gurn is not the Spin and the Spin is not the Gurn. The Gurn has no responsibilty for content on the Spin. 

Brian of MyNairn has issues with the Spin, see this article here. As for the Gurn we think we have always been very fair to Brian, and although recently we wrote an article perhaps somewhat downbeat on his latest Nairn Internet venture we believe we maintained this sense of fair play,  see this article here and the associated comments. In fact that thread on the Gurn was closed because we were fed up with the nature of some of the material coming in which we didn't publish. I have made a comment on the Mynairn thread this evening but so far it hasn’t appeared. 

With regard to Brian’s comments about templates, these are available to anyone that opens a google account and creates a blog, there are choices of colours and gadgets to put in the sìde bàr and require no help from anyone to set them up. I have in the past provided advice to a local blogger but this was a few years ago and was not the Spin. I have been promoting all blogs that appear in the Nairn blogosphre and the Spin button only appears in a seperate ‘gadget’ because I haven’t had the tìme to produce a button of a similar size to the other buttons you can see in the sidebar. However they are all basically historical now since I saw another blog using the ‘feed gadget’ and I have introduced that as well in the sìde bàr, it is far more efficent and gives readers a good idea of what is happening elsewhere.

For reasons I stated in a comment to the mynairn thread I have nothing more to say on the issue and bid you all goodnight.