Monday, December 21, 2009

Nairn the tourist hot spot - why can't the papers get their facts straight about Nairnshire?

Yesterday Scotland and Sunday had an article about Nairn, a story incidentally that the Gurn had featured one week ago. Namely that Nairn is the 2nd top potential destination in an survey done by an influential Internet travel Company. You can see the original Gurn article here and more Gurn information and comment posted by Gurnites yesterday here.

What we are gurning about today however is the continuing lack of consistency in media reporting when Nairn/Nairnshire is referred to. Today the story is going viral in the MSM, this will create publicity for the town that will be priceless and, is in our opinion, all down to the hard work done by those in the local tourist industry to promote Nairn (plus Tilda mentioning Nairn in every interview/article she does). Anyway, Scotland On Sunday spoke of Nairnians - ever heard of them? The Sun has us in Inverness-shire.  The Times has the population at 3,000. The Guardian seems not to have made any mistakes in its small article however and the Press and Journal is playing safe by calling Nairn a 'Highland' town.  This has all prompted one of our regular Gurnites to ponder about how accurate all information in the newspapers is?

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Anonymous said...

Nairn, Morayshire is stated on lots of post that I get and I never, ever put that on my address (I wouldn't dare!)